Nicotine Storage, Handling & Safety

How long can you store nicotine?

On average nicotine can be stored for up to 2 years. This is the time suggested by nicotine manufacturers. The length does vary based on how you store it, how much you plan on using over a period of time, and your access to appropriate storage.

There are 3 key elements that cause nicotine to oxidize (degrade). They are light, heat, and oxygen entering the bottle.


Problem: If you expose your nicotine to light, this will degrade the nicotine.

Solution: Store your nicotine in a dark place away from natural light.


Problem: If you leave your nicotine in a sunny, warm area this will degrade the nicotine.

Solution: Store your nicotine in a freezer. Nicotine stores longer at lower temperatures.


Problem: Every time you open your nicotine bottle you are exposing it to oxygen, which will degrade the nicotine.

Solution: Break your larger nicotine bottles into smaller bottle sizes. This will reduce the number of times you need to open your one nicotine bottle and expose your nicotine to oxygen.

Extra Tip: You can remove the oxygen in the bottle every time you open it, by purchasing a product called Winesave Pro. This is food-grade argon. What you are doing here is every time you open your bottle you can purge (remove oxygen) from the bottle by replacing it with argon, which blankets the nicotine and removes the oxygen from the bottle. Please watch this video here to see how it works.

How should I store my nicotine?

For longer lasting nicotine, store your liquid solution in a cold area and away from natural light. We recommend a freezer, but ONLY if it is NOT accessible to children. If you have a large amount of nicotine 1L (Litre) plus we recommend re-bottling your nicotine into smaller amber glass bottles.

Example Case

If I have 1L (Litre) of 100mg nicotine solution and want to make this last as long as possible. My best bet is to re-bottle my 1L (Litre) into smaller amber glass bottles. Doing this will remove the risk of light and oxidizing my nicotine by opening and closing the same bottle multiple times.

The best way to do this is to re-bottle your nicotine into 10 x 100ml amber glass bottles or 20 x 50ml amber glass bottles. Keep 1 bottle out to use for mixing, and store the rest in a freezer NOT accessible to children.

How do I safely handle & store nicotine?

Nicotine solution especially in high strengths (100mg) is Highly Toxic in contact with your skin or if swallowed (ingested). You need to be aware you are about to handle a potentially dangerous product, so please do not be complacent when handling nicotine. 

You need to always avoid contact with your direct skin as nicotine is easily absorbed. you needs to wear nitrile / latex gloves during handling and immediately clean any spills or drips if any. You should wear long sleeve clothing that reaches your glove line, this will reduce potential contact with your skin.

We highly recommend you wear eye protection while mixing and handing nicotine. 

Always keep your nicotine container or bottles tightly closed and completely out of reach of children. Do not store your nicotine in a low to the floor family freezer that children have access to, if this is your only option store your nicotine inside one of our Lockable Nicotine Storage Bags before placing it in the freezer. If you have a freezer in your garage, store your nicotine there and please use a padlock on the freezer so children can not access this.

How do I safely dispose of nicotine?

In New Zealand, the best way to dispose of unused nicotine is to take it to your local refuse station. They usually have a hazardous materials drop-off area where engine oil, paints, paint thinners, etc are disposed of.

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