Mix Wizard Digital Scale - 500g X 0.01g
Mix Wizard Digital Scale - 500g X 0.01g
Mix Wizard Digital Scale - 500g X 0.01g
Mix Wizard Digital Scale - 500g X 0.01g
Tools - Mix Wizard Digital Scale - 500g X 0.01g

Mix Wizard Digital Scale - 500g X 0.01g

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500g X 0.01g 30+


The MXW digital scale is a handy piece of kit for weighing your e-liquid ingredients. It's both reliable and straightforward to use with a 500g/0.01g capacity and 2 x AAA batteries to power this portable scale.

Featuring some handy inbuilt functions:
  • Counting function via key of " PCS"
  • Auto-checking function
  • Auto-zero tracking function
  • Auto-off after 60 seconds
  • Auto-reset function after full capacity
  • Durable transparent protective cover used as tray
  • Tare weight function
  • Automatic zero and switch off in 60 seconds
  • Low battery and overload indication
  • Counting function
  • High precision strain gauge sensors system
  • Power supply: 2*AAA batteries
  • Unit:g, oz, ozt, dwt, gn, ct
  • Material: ABS plastic+ stainless steel

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    Size 500g X 0.01g


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Good Scale

    Works as advertised happy with my purchase


    Scale is perfect and has made making my liquid so much easier. Definitely recommend going weight for mixing vs doing it by volume. Thanks, MW!


    I had already taken off the plastic coating, I had set it to g, I didn't use the plastic tray for weighting, I had zeroed it before filling and unless g stands for gallons I'm not sure what I should set it at. Is there a way I can send you a photo of what I am talking about?

    Lindsay Cooke

    So far out it's not funny. Extremely dangerous if using to mix nicotine. In fact don't use digital scales at all. I used these scales thinking they would be more accurate than measuring in MLS. Using a steam engine calculator and a normal calculator I got the accumulations for my mix in grams. Using a 120 ml bottle to make 100ml of juice. By the time I added my nicotine, flavours and then my vg and taking note of the scales I almost overflowed the bottle and wasn't even near the amount of vg required. At that point I stopped and guessed the pg amount. I'll Steep it for a week and see if I can vape it otherwise I'll have to bin the bottle and a half I made. I don't know what to do with the scales maybe bin them with the juice, or give them to my flatmates young nephew as a toy. I hope he won't use them for calculations cos when I went to school 1 + 4 Didn't make 0.5. To test that it wasn't me making a mistake I got the spring loaded kitchen scales and an empty beaker. I put the beaker on and made sure they were at 0 I then got another beaker of water and filled it to the 100ml mark i then poured it into the beaker on the scales.it read 98gm. I then did the same thing on the digital scales and got 53. something it took about two minutes for the digits to settle.so slow and inacurate. I then googled 100 ml into gram weight and it came up 100ml =100gms. So our kitchen scales are out by a couple of grams woopty doo these digital things are only out by 50 grams and more as you acumulate

    There are a couple of things that may cause reading errors in the ranges you mentioned:

    Is the mode on your scale currently set to dwt (penny-weight) units? If so, switch the mode to g (grams).

    Is the plastic storage cover still on the weighing pan? If so, it will interfere with the measurement. If you use the plastic cover to contain spills, it is best to turn it upside down while using the scale to not bottom out against the lower body. (I was able to recreate your reading while leaving the storage cover in its storage position using a 100g calibration weight), so I suspect this may be your issue.

    If you cannot solve the issue with the info above, please get in touch with one of the team on our support channel, and we will get this sorted for you!

    perryn mclean
    Quality Scales

    Very clean sturdy design and very accurate with a fast response time

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      Digital Scale - 500g X 0.01g by Mix Wizard
    • Mix Wizard

      Digital Scale - 500g X 0.01g

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