The Flavour Apprentice Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Discontinued - The Flavour Apprentice Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

The Flavour Apprentice Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Unfortunately, The Flavour Apprentice Vanilla Bean Ice Cream has been discontinued.

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Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is, by far, the best ice cream flavour we have tried; rich, creamy and smooth with a delicious vanilla taste. Most users are impressed with the versatility of this concentrate, which makes it a valuable addition to any mixologist’s collection; it enhances a multitude of fruit and dessert flavours by adding a rich and creamy depth to the other flavours but tastes wonderful just on its own. The Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is one of those concentrates that many users would never be without, but your mixes will need a few days’ steeping to enjoy their flavour at its best.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Neil Johns

Adds a nice blend to mango!

Peter Garlick

Great flavor

An adaptable classic.

I ordered this to make a batch of the classic "Mustard Milk" - which was a blast down memory lane and worked perfectly. Strong enough to stand out/on its own, but versatile enough that it'll blend in and work well with others. Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is an often used and highly adaptable concentrate used in everything from tobacco mixes to desserts and more. I Highly recommend trying it out, and for the price its a steal.

4/5 - nothings perfect...

(Quick aside: There have been reports of a small section of users who get a black pepper aftertaste from some Vanilla Concentrates - this is rare and shouldn't affect your purchasing decision)

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